Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is the new revolutionary weight loss program designed specifically for women by John Barban. In order to properly decide just how good The Venus Factor is, it is important to understand the history and expertise of it’s creator, John Barban.

Who Is John Barban?

John Barban has an educational background in biology and nutrition, followed up by many personal training certifications. His vast knowledge of weight loss and muscle growth comes from his extensive experience in sports supplements and working with various clients. Importantly, nutrition and long term health is one of his ambitions and he is constantly researching solutions to losing weight.

What Is Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is the program developed by John Barban that was created specially for women in mind. With focus on shape and proportions rather than on muscle mass, this program enables women to decrease the fat surrounding problem areas such as the abdomen, legs and arms, for an overall leaner, more tight look. John Barban highlights the effectiveness of the metabolism in controlling how you burn off fat, and provides various strategies that will help women create the ‘dream body’. The Venus Factor includes an e-book that highlights just what women need to implement in their diet to either maintain or create a stronger, healthier body.

System Format

- The Venus Factor program’s main focus is on overriding the nature of the female metabolism, enabling it to burn off fat. The 12 week program helps achieve this.

- Also included is the virtual nutritionist software, which enables you to keep on track and details just what you should consume on a daily basis and the reasons behind this. Further, video lessons are given which help coach users.

- John Barban gives extensive details as to how women can have a lean strong body. It should be noted that he does not dwell on previous knowledge, but gives users new knowledge which is not widely known.


- The program is very clear and detailed, it is almost impossible to get lost or feel overwhelmed with the new knowledge that you will be learning. Further, John Barban users clear and concise examples, which is great for all those who are new weight loss.

- Venus Factor is designed specifically for women in mind, which is so important, since men and women are totally different when it comes to weight loss and nutrition.

- Knowledge is based on extensive research done to give you optimum results.

- Affordable. Cost does come into the equation and it should be noted that for the program itself it is not over priced and gives you value for money.


- There has not been many cases of negative reviews, however it should be noted that you must put in the work and heed the information given to you. It will not work unless you do so it is important to be motivated and stay focused.

Conclusion and Rating

Since so much research has been put into place The Venus Factor definitely does stick to research findings. All in all the program is a good program and does what it says. The answer to weight loss for women is given here, and it must be noted that it is done in a healthy way. The rating given is 9 out of 10 purely for the great work put into developing this program and the great results.