Venus Factor System Review

It is clearly evident that women’s bodies are quite different from that of men. It is due to this reason that a large majority of fitness programs that deliver excellent results for men, don’t measure up at all when it comes to women. However, there’s a new women’s fitness system that has become extremely popular in the past few years, known as the Venus Factor. It takes a women centric approach and helps women tone-up their bodies by undergoing fat loss like they always wanted. In this detailed review of the Venus Factor program, we will take you through the product, tell you how it is different from the other commonly available generic fitness programs, its workings and more. Let’s start!

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Venus Factor program – What is it?

Venus Factor is a diet program or a targeted fat loss system that has been created by a well-known fitness and nutrition expert John Barban. Mr. Barban thoroughly studied the psychological and physical aspects that differentiate women from men and devised a number of gender specific exercises and nutrition strategies leading to excellent weight loss results in women. Furthermore, the Venus Factor system isn’t one on the lines of ‘one size fits all’ kind of programs. Rather, it takes a customized approach to suit the needs of every weight loss aspirant.

John’s working experience spans over several years and during this time he worked with a variety of women in the capacity of a personal fitness trainer. He successfully devised effective and natural weight loss routines targeted specifically for the female bodies. The entire program is flexible and works with women of all fitness levels. Additionally, it doesn’t ask you to depend on any artificial supplements or weight loss pills.

The program has been founded on the concept of Venus index. This index determines every woman’s ideal body shape and works based on the following calculations:

– WHR or waist to hip ratio: This is obtained by multiplying the waist circumference with 1.42
– HWR or height to waist ratio: This is derived by multiplying one’s height (in inches) with 0.38
– WSR or waist to shoulder ratio – Multiply your ideal waist number with 1.618 to know this ratio


Once you’ve figured out the numbers needed to achieve your ideal or best body shape, you’ll be taken through a thorough nutrition program which will do all the calculations to figure out your daily protein and calories requirement. It will take into account all your specific body statistics such as age, weight, height and more.

The Venus Factor program spans over a 12 week time period during which you’ll have to follow workout routines provided in the program’s how-to videos. These routines must be performed a minimum of 3 times a week. The workout regimes feature high intensity training exercises with 60 second rest intervals in between.

How much does Venus Factor program cost and what all does it contain?

At the time of writing this review, the Venus Factor program was priced at a one-time charge of $ 47. But, you also have the option of trying the system for 7 days by paying a nominal fee of $ 9.95. You can easily cancel your purchase if you don’t feel satisfied post this trial period. On the other hand, if you do feel benefited by the program, you can simply pay the remaining balance and get on with the rest of the program.

Every purchase of the Venus Factor program comes with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee. This means you can try the Venus Factor program in a risk-free arrangement for complete 60 days’ time period. Thereafter if you feel that the program hasn’t delivered the promised results for you, you can ask for a complete refund without any questions asked.

Venus Factor system comprises of the following components:

The main Venus Factor manual in PDF format – This manual consists of all the details related to the program and determines your unique Venus index. This index helps in determining whether you must gain or lose weight to achieve your ideal body figure.

Venus Factor body centric nutrition guide – This guide will carry out all important calculations related to your daily protein and calorie intake for accomplishment of your individual fitness goals. It is actually in the form of a software application which will create a customized nutrition plan based on your specific body type, weight, age, metabolic rate and diet goals.

Venus Factor exercise manual – This manual features a comprehensive 12 week workout routine plan. The exercises detailed in it can be done in a gymnasium or at home. You get the additional convenience of easy to understand exercise videos which take you through the correct execution of every workout routine.

Venus Factor online community – Through this facility, you are provided access to a members only forum where you can discuss the intricacies of the Venus Factor program with the other members.

You can even learn from the tips and hints provided by other users who have already benefited from the program.

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All the above-mentioned Venus Factor components can be accessed immediately after making the payment for program.

How is ‘Venus Factor’ different from and better than other popular weight loss systems available in the marketplace?

Venus Factor is a type of breakthrough weight management and weight loss system that has completely transformed the philosophy of body fat reduction. It works by activating the leptin hormones in the human body, thereby bringing about a structural balance. Our bodies are naturally endowed with these hormones whose function is nothing but maintenance of ample amount of fat content for our day-to-day functioning. Any excess body fat gets naturally utilized in the form of energy. Correctly following the Venus Factor program helps in activating the leptin hormone resulting in a significant boost in the metabolic rate. During this process, not only do you undergo a considerable amount of weight/fat loss but also improve your energy levels greatly.

Venus Factor Pros

– Venus Factor is the only program of its kind which is capable of delivering efficient women-centric results. Rather than being only about building muscles or undergoing weight loss, this program focuses on muscle toning and overall figure enhancement.

– The workout routines provided in the program are very easy to follow and come with comprehensive videos and images.

– As the Venus Factor system provides every woman a unique exercise and nutrition plan based on her body measurement ratios, the chances of getting positive results are quite high.


– The Venus Factor nutrition plan doesn’t restrict the consumption of your favorite food items. You can continue moderate consumption of all your favorite foods without any problem.

– The workout routines detailed in the program won’t require you to pay visit to a gymnasium every day. The routines can also be performed easily from within the comfort of your home, using a simple bench and dumbbells.

– Joe Barban pays a lot of attention to the customer service and ensures that all customer queries are addressed within 24 hours.

– As the program comes with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee, it provides a risk-free arrangement for everyone to try out the system.

– As the program is available in a digital format, you’ll not have to pay any shipping fees. Moreover, all its components can be accessed immediately after making the payment.

Venus Factor Cons

– If you’ve been looking for a program that is completely focused on losing a few pounds, this may not be the one for you. It is more about body transformation.

– The program doesn’t work too well on women who are suffering from some bone problems.

– As it has been designed specifically for women, men don’t have anything to gain from it.

– You require a working Internet connection to successfully download all the components of the program as they are presently available only in digital format.

Final Word

Venus Factor by John Barban is an ideal fitness program targeted at women who are determined to tone-up their bodies and improve their overall physique. The program takes a customized approach and is based on careful calculations of body ratios and calorie intakes. The system isn’t specifically targeted at fat loss or weight loss alone. Both these come as natural positive side effects of the program. Rather, it focuses on helping women achieve a dream hourglass figure, in proportion with their unique body weight and height. All in all, if you’re a woman and have been dreaming to acquire that well-toned body, diligently following this program will do the trick for you.