Venus Index Workout System to Get Toned Body

Venus index workout system revolutionizes the way every women look at their body. The body of women is sculpted in three different ratios that are waist to hip ratios, height to waist ratios and height to shoulder ratios. The program is an understandable, clear workout regime in which the women undertake step by step workouts to get a toned body.

Venus index workout system is a three month weight training program that has been formulated for women who desire to have perfect figure. It is a program that is a combination of strength training and conditioning designed to give you strong and lean feminine body shape. This system constitutes of three full body workouts every week that can be done with minimal exercise equipment at home. Every workout takes about fifty minutes to complete which can be complemented with cardio.

The workouts in this system changes every day and every week as it has different rep and set every time. The workouts are divided into upper body exercises, lower body exercises and whole body exercises. This division is done to ensure that your body has a balanced development which enables you to get ideal Venus Index measurements.

The upper body exercises consists of push-ups, the lower body exercises consists of lunges and squats and the whole body exercises consists of planks, press and Squat. Before the workout you should do warm up like cycling, walking or jogging for ten to fifteen minutes so that your core temperature is increased. Between every workout, taking rest is very essential so that you can have enough recovery time.

Venus index workout system is a balanced approach which includes the intake of supplements, foods and the exercises done to get the perfect body. It provides the best guide for women who want to get back into shape and provide them with the advantage of the best workout program. This twelve week program enhances the muscle of the whole body and these workouts can be done either at home or gym.

Nutrition is also very important part of this program which is looked after by specialized personnel. After following this program a woman can get attractive healthier and good looking body in a short duration of time. The best part of this program is that there is no major change in the lifestyle but it provides guaranteed results in terms of getting a toned and healthy body.